Roll Outs

We have successfully executed innumerable victorious roll out plans of hardware & software installation / upgradation inclusive of office 365 and other applications. Our clients have always been satisfied by the performance of our on-site engineers and the support of our field operations team.  

 Our team has successfully carried out vast-scale installations of computer systems, servers, WOC, routers, switches, OT sensors, printers and IP phones in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our ability for driving complex and large-scale rollouts and comprehending difficult scheduling and exacting or daring situations has always been validated. Alpine Technical Solutions has been appreciated and applauded by its clients for always being able to accommodate the demands of their end customers and being able to deliver services for the shortest SLA’s.

 Our on-site engineers are always ready to give coaching to the workforce available on site before execution. We are pleased to ensure the transformation done promptly and on-site assistance on the go every day.

We also provide a variety of services like hardware and software installation and managed services process due to the fact that our on-site teams are expert in handling rollout plans.




We have a bunch of engineers around the globe who are skilled in Ekahu, Air magnet amongst many other survey tools. They are easily accessible to conduct the site surveys & audits fulfilling the requirements of the customers.  Whether you want to survey a single warehouse or design a new global wireless network; our engineers will help you with the collection of the relevant information and generate an audit report.


Break Fix

Alpine Technical Solutions is a provider of managed IT Services. We have engineers across the globe striving to work with the reputed firm by having the relevant skillset and the required tools for various assignments such as; maintenance, enhancement or set up of the system, components, peripheral devices, networking, hardware and software program.


Network Support

Alpine Technical Solutions has a group of networking engineers striving to work with our well reputed clients to boost their career. Our engineers of various skillsets are available to meet the requirements of our clients and end clients. We provide a vast range of solutions, be it be of networking devices or data centres; including the troubleshooting and configurations of networking equipment.

Having a large group of network, we support our clients in various aspects, be it a support of hardware, software or general technical support. To support our clientele for hardware, we provide on-site support of our globally spread engineers and carry out tasks such as rack and stack, replacement of power supplies, fans, motherboards, installation of various modules, while also providing break-fix service for divergent vendors. Moreover, on the software end, our clients are being facilitated for tasks such as configuration of new and existing devices. Our existing engineers are well equipped and have all the necessary tools. However, if they are lacking any apparatus, we do provide it to them for that particular assignment. Our team constantly stay in-touch with the on-site engineer and notify our clients the real time updates and on-site situation throughout the execution of the task. After the successful completion of the task, our clients are provided with complete deliverables consisting of before and after work situations along with a detailed report broadcasting the exact work carried out and the engineers time spent on-site


IT Consultancy

Our experts are readily accessible across the globe to meet the requirements of our clients and end clients, when they want a to conduct a site inventory, survey performed, or even an installation survey to be carried out. Alpine Technical Solutions has some skilled and experienced engineers assisting our clients in Pre & Post Installation surveys by having hands on various tools used for surveys, such as; Ekahau & Air magnet.



We provide our services when installs, moves, adds, and changes can be quite a challenge. With the help of our experienced team, we can help you execute these projects with ease. We take responsibility for all planning, logistics, installation, and de-installation.


End User Support

End- user support for hardware and software is also being provided by Alpine Technical Solutions, which includes different services such as, installation of softwares, configurations, setups, troubleshooting, support for antivirus, backups, and hardware support.


data center

Data Center Support

Our valued clients have are been provided the support of our engineers who visits the site and provide hardware support with hardware replacement, troubleshooting along with the installation of new devices.


Server & Storage

We also support our clients with the installation of servers and storage setup. We setup the new servers and storage catering to the requirement of our clients through our engineering network.


server and storage